A heroic woman…

27 Aug

Many of you may be aware of Anne Nicol Gaylor’s Freedom From Religion Foundation, but there was a great article about her that was referred to me by my friend Bob.  I’m amazed and impressed with this 83 year old woman and applaud her integrity and her sense of self.  In an age when an entire generation has no idea of the significance of Roe v. Wade, I worry about the continued ability for women to have governance over their own bodies in the United States.  Ultimately, it becomes a matter of class and privilege.  The wealthy will have access to resources and choices regardless, whereas the poor will have to suffer under a rule of tyranny and resort to extreme and unsafe measures to make choices for themselves.  Here is where I applaud Ms. Gaylor and her efforts.

One Response to “A heroic woman…”

  1. Bob August 27, 2010 at 7:50 am #

    Great article about Anne Nicol Gaylor’s accomplishments. Her compassion for other women is inspiring.

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