Fox: The Anti-News

29 Sep

I venture a guess that most Americans treasure the value of Freedom of the Press.  Journalistic integrity can often serve as a steward of our political system.  As such, more the shame on Fox.  Fox is not news rather it is its own political machine: “Fox acts like a political operation, not a news network. Fox’s “opinion” and “news” hosts routinely select whatever facts they need or advance falsehoods to sell the network’s conservative political agenda. In so doing, Fox pushes messages intended not to make people more informed, but to inspire fear and anger in its audience. What’s even more dangerous is that Fox provides a platform not just for a political party’s talking points, but for racially charged attacks and religious smears.”  For more on how to combat this machine, read MediaMatters for America.

2 Responses to “Fox: The Anti-News”

  1. Jennifer September 29, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    You know what is really sad… back in Fox’s early days (10+ years ago), I actually used to like them. It was nice to have some different vantage points on news stories, i.e. when reporting on a story about abortion, they would go and speak to women’s groups that were both pro choice and pro-life. However, at some point, they just did this huge shift over. After Alan Colmes left…

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