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Short Term Memory for the United States

31 Oct

This election has been a particularly ugly one for many reasons, but chiefly because Americans seem to have lost their memory, to have no sense of history. Out of the past 30 years, only four of those years had a Democratic president with a Democratic congress. The remaining 26 years the United States was controlled by Republicans.  Lest we forget the 12 years of what I used to refer to as the Reign of Terror, the Regan/Bush years that tripled the national deficit.  Lest we forget Clinton’s eight years controlled by a Republican congress and stymied by Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and Newt Gingrich, and although we spend millions of tax-payer dollars trying to impeach Clinton for a blow job, Clinton still managed to create a surplus in the budget.  Lest we forget the eight years of Bush II and again tripling the national deficit, expanding government, creating a war with Iraq under false pretenses, targeting the LGBTQ community so as to avoid looking at how the Bush II administration was destroying the constitution, rising unemployment and the mortgage fiasco.  What kind of amnesia do Americans have that we can look at 26 years and then decide, “oh, let’s just blame it all on the black man and the Democrats.”

Even here in Oregon, Chris Dudley is able to tell half-truths, which I just call lies.  Dudley asserts that under Kitzhaber’s previous administration, we had rising unemployment and an ineffective governor.  Dudley fails to finish with Kitzhaber was rendered paralyzed by a Republican-controlled house with the fascist Karen Minnis, Speaker of the House at that time.

Now we have the “Tea Party” and their blind flock of racist, anti-women, homophobes.  Before you cast your ballot on Tuesday, I would just ask that you reflect on the past 30 years.  I would also ask that you not allow this election to be purchased by Corporate America, via Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers–thank you very much to the Fecal Five for selling Democracy. I implore you, get your smelling salts, wake up, and go vote!


Birthday Wishes October 31…

31 Oct

Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts in the United States. Unlike the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts is far more inclusive and does not discriminate on basis of sexual orientation.

It Starts with Kitzhaber

30 Oct

While I typically find the Oregonian quite conservative, I was happily surprised with their endorsement of Kitzhaber and encourage you to read this article.

Scary Costumes for 2010, Saturday Submission: The Tea Party Congressperson

30 Oct

So far my series of 2010 costume ideas has been a bit of a failure. I found five great ideas, but none of them were really very scary after all. But after drowning my disappointment in last night’s very tasty margaritas, I had a nightmare vision. Sure, Tea Party candidates are wacky and all, but a fully-elected Tea Party Congressperson is downright terrifying.

A Tea-driven Republican majority in either chamber of congress would give power to people for whom the worst extremes of the Bush adminsitration read like an instruction manual.

  • Tea-stained values are rabidly anti-choice and anti-woman. Sharron Angle said that a teenaged girl raped by her father should make “a lemon situation into lemonade” rather than consider abortion. Ken Buck, currently a district attorney, refused to prosecute a rape case because the woman had previously dated her rapist; he accused the victim of acting out of “buyer’s remorse.”
  • In Orange Pekoe America, the LGBT community is in for far worse times. Carl Paladino’s infamous rant is a pretty good indicator of where the Tea Party stands on gay rights. Serial moron Christine O’Donnell maintains that gays have an “identity disorder” and is a fan of the “ex-gay” movement. Already seated patron saint of all things tea Jim DeMint scores a double-whammy by repeating his opinion that homosexuals and single mothers are unfit to serve as teachers.
  • Honesty doesn’t have a place at this Mad Hatter’s table either. Joe Miller has violated federal disclosure laws, even when seated as a judge, and likely resigned from a previous office due to ethics violations. Ed Martin has a special history of lies and obfuscation. At least Christine O’Donnell is so honest that she would have fingered hidden Jews if the Nazis came calling.
  • And what about the U.S. Constitution? Seems the Tea Party has a love-hate-confusion relationship with that pesky document. Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, and others are interested in repealing various amendments, including, ironically, direct election of senators. Ms. Angle is pretty fond of that oft-misunderstood 2nd amendment, however, especially as a method of subverting the vote if she loses. And our Ms. O’Donnell apparently can’t even be bothered to understand what the Constitution says.
  • Nor is a free press of interest in Teabagistan. When they aren’t running from the press, Tea Party candidates resort to intimidation or  detention. Apparently their supporters believe in using violence to oppose the right of the people to peaceably assemble as well.

Sure, it’s fun to laugh at Christine O’Donnell’s mice with human brains and Rand Paul’s Aqua Buddha. But if these people actually get elected that insanity will infect our already ailing Congressional discourse. At best, two more years of grandstanding and paralysis. At worst, a Victorian McCarthyist Depression with Gulags. If you aren’t scared yet, please revisit this terrifying bedtime story by Keith Olbermann. Then make sure you vote, no matter how disappointed you might be in the Democratic alternative to this madness. Apathy, in this case, borders on treason.

John Stewart: Restore Sanity Rally

30 Oct

Let’s hope Stewart can help!

Wars and Why We Fight Them

30 Oct

For those of you that follow this blog, you have by this time surmised that both my husband and I are pacifists and don’t believe in war.  How ironic that one of our favorite tv shows to rent is the Foyle’s War series.  Each episode is based on an actual incident during WWII, not to be confused with WWI, the War to End All Wars.  None of the episodes are a trip to Chuckletown, but they are powerful and thought provoking.  This complex historical fiction provides a haunting perspective of the collateral damage caused by war and the irony of those that profited economically from the war along with a significant bigoted population that neglected to fully understand the reason to fight in WWII, as exquisitely done in Killing Time. I often reflect on our current situation here in the United States and am completely perplexed by the very ignorant comments from people like Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, and the rest of the Tea Party members.  Have they no sense of history?  Have they ever read a history book?  HAVE THEY NO SHAME?  Regardless if we have different opinions, and different beliefs, the one thing that should unite us all is that we are supposed to be living in a country that values those differences and does not try to limit them, or take away people’s rights.  Isn’t that what we fought WWII for–to help protect people that were denied a voice, denied the right to live?

Bigots: Always Make Time to Break the Law and Judge

30 Oct

Obviously there is good reason for my fears that we don’t do enough to support our transgender brothers and sisters.  In San Francisco, a DMV employee felt justified in breaking the law by using confidential information and sending a hate letter to Amber Yust, the transgendered woman just trying to change her name on her license.  Here is some of the content of the letter: “an abomination” and  that “homosexuals should be put to death,” my what a charmer.  More evidence as to why so many in the LBTQ community do not feel safe. For the full article, click here.


30 Oct

Great Art, Great Food, Great Time.  Click Here.

Birthday Wishes/October 30

30 Oct

Happy Birthday, Harriet Powers (African American quilter; her quilts are in the Smithsonian Institution).

Brother Boy and Meg Whitman

29 Oct

Please don’t let Meg Whitman come close to the governor’s office!  This clip is from the movie Sordid Lives, one of my all time favorite movies.

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