Short Term Memory for the United States

31 Oct

This election has been a particularly ugly one for many reasons, but chiefly because Americans seem to have lost their memory, to have no sense of history. Out of the past 30 years, only four of those years had a Democratic president with a Democratic congress. The remaining 26 years the United States was controlled by Republicans.  Lest we forget the 12 years of what I used to refer to as the Reign of Terror, the Regan/Bush years that tripled the national deficit.  Lest we forget Clinton’s eight years controlled by a Republican congress and stymied by Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and Newt Gingrich, and although we spend millions of tax-payer dollars trying to impeach Clinton for a blow job, Clinton still managed to create a surplus in the budget.  Lest we forget the eight years of Bush II and again tripling the national deficit, expanding government, creating a war with Iraq under false pretenses, targeting the LGBTQ community so as to avoid looking at how the Bush II administration was destroying the constitution, rising unemployment and the mortgage fiasco.  What kind of amnesia do Americans have that we can look at 26 years and then decide, “oh, let’s just blame it all on the black man and the Democrats.”

Even here in Oregon, Chris Dudley is able to tell half-truths, which I just call lies.  Dudley asserts that under Kitzhaber’s previous administration, we had rising unemployment and an ineffective governor.  Dudley fails to finish with Kitzhaber was rendered paralyzed by a Republican-controlled house with the fascist Karen Minnis, Speaker of the House at that time.

Now we have the “Tea Party” and their blind flock of racist, anti-women, homophobes.  Before you cast your ballot on Tuesday, I would just ask that you reflect on the past 30 years.  I would also ask that you not allow this election to be purchased by Corporate America, via Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers–thank you very much to the Fecal Five for selling Democracy. I implore you, get your smelling salts, wake up, and go vote!

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