Spots of Light on a Dark Day…

3 Nov

Trying desperately to find some light on this day when so many Americans seem to have demonstrated great ignorance and fear, as evidenced by Rand (I’m a racist) Paul, now senator elect and his partners in crime, Marco Rubio, and Mr. Fake and Bake, John Boehner, now speaker of the house. And lest we forget, the ousting of Russ Feingold.  I guess I should not be surprised by Wisconsin–they did give us Joe (witch hunt)McCarthy.  Have you no shame, Wisconsin?

My first point of light, I have to thank my friend Jen Lockett for sharing this with me, the The Israeli version of Dancing With The Stars has become the first to feature a same-sex couple, with the inclusion of a female-only pair.  Click here to see the full story.

Some other good stuff: Meg Whitman was not able to buy herself the governorship of California.  Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell were both defeated (almost makes me want to touch myself inappropriately).

As I continue to look for other moments that will help my spiral into complete misanthropy, I am taking nominations for this Friday’s Bigot of the Week Award, (the state of Kentucky is now in the running) and for the Hero of the Week.


One Response to “Spots of Light on a Dark Day…”

  1. rhulshofschmidt November 3, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    One more bright spot – more openly LGBT candidates won this year than in any previous year, 106! For more info:

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