Racists Burst Out of the Closet: Polite Detente Over…

20 Nov

Prior to President Obama taking office, one might assert that the United States was, indeed, racist, but there was a polite detente, so that many Americans would say things like: “I don’t see color,” or “Some of my best friends are black.”  Aside from small pockets all over the country where you would see Confederate Flags, blatant racism was no longer in the common vernacular.  Hidden, racist side conversations were quite common, but just barely under the radar–ahh, who knew those would be the good old days.  Now with President Obama in office, racist bigots are clearly whipped up in a hysterical frenzy and feel entitled to no longer put their racist behavior in check.  As if the rise of the “Tea Party” and the result of the mid-term elections were not evidence enough of this new virulent wave of racism, look at Rand Paul being elected as a senator for Kentucky.  Look at the racist senator in Texas accusing Thurgood Marshall of being an activist judge.  Look at the soulless Glenn Beck hosting a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Dr. King’s I have a Dream Speech.  Look at the spike in death threats President Obama has received to the point that the Secret Service are now worried they cannot keep up with the work they have before them.

How far backwards we have gone in race/gender relations.  We are becoming a morally bankrupt country!

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