Bigot of the Week Award: November 26

26 Nov

It looked as though the Salvation Army was going to win this week’s award, and trust me, their putting hate before serving needy families right now certainly earns them the BWA, however the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) helped influence this week’s award.  Yes, the BWA goes to the Family Research Council (FRC), now added to the list of Hate Groups by the SPLC.  Tony Perkins, the head of the FRC is outraged that people are accusing them of hate, just because they do promote hate and discrimination.  The FRC supported Jim DeMint’s efforts to fire all gay teachers.  The always charm free Perkins said that “gay teens try suicide because they know homosexuality is abnormal.”  Really?  Really?  And how would one describe the behavior of a purported heterosexual man that does nothing but obsess over homosexuals?


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