Hypocrisy, Arizona, Bag of Crazy…

4 Dec

Thanks to my friend Allison for sharing this story. Shall we start with nasty hypocrites?  Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, made an impassioned plea: “We should not have a government plan that will pull the plug on grandma.”  Great, sounds like some solid support for a healthcare plan that will cover all Americans.  No.  I’m afraid not.  When Obama asked for  his support, and Grassley was no longer in the spotlight, Grassley said no.  Now let’s move on to Arizona and Bag of Crazy.  Yes, Arizona, home to the famous Bigot John McCain who served along openly gay soldiers in the Crimean War, but won’t allow Americans to serve openly. Arizona, home to Republican Jan Brewer who has not made it impossible for people on Medicaid to get organ transplants–must be nice to play god!  So for those poor souls that have lost their jobs, lost their insurance and depended on Medicaid, Brewer’s response is: “Furthermore, we are not paying for your tombstone.”  See the full article here in the NYT.


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