Number 2 Bigot of the Year Award

30 Dec

How appropriate that the Fecal Five should be the Number 2 Bigot of the Year Award.  The Fecal Five earn this dubious award because they hold so much power and influence that they have paved the way for the corruption of justice, rather than preserving justice.  These five men have helped to give voice to the right wing fringe that decry human rights and work to dissolve and erode common decency. In the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission case, the US Supreme Court, specifically the Fecal Five, stated that corporate funding cannot be limited when supporting political candidates–translation, the rich can buy themselves an election, as witnessed by this midterm election with the financial backing of Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and the millions of dollars spent by the Koch Brothers who are in bed with Rupert Murdoch of Fox News!  These billionaires gave a blank check to the Tea Party during the election–hope Rand Paul and Marco Rubio sent them a proper thank you note.  As a country we need to be very very scared of Mike Huckabee–he will be one very well financed Tea Party presidential candidate.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see the Number 1 Bigot of the Year.

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