The Number 1 Hero Award of 2010

31 Dec

What a delight I had in writing this post.  I always have to compose the Bigot post first to get rid of the bile.  Composing the Hero articles feels like dessert.  This year’s Hero Award goes to Kirsten Gillibrand , with an honorable mention to Patrick Murphy.  Kirsten Gillibrand has been a champion of repealing DADT for two years now, as demonstrated in this video from 2009. She introduced repeal legislation in the Senate in March, well before the more-reported last-minute efforts that eventually succeeded. She is also a strong proponent of equal protection for the LGBT community and for marriage equality.  We need more heterosexual and outspoken allies like Gillibrand.  She has shown great leadership as the Senator from New York and does not shy away from confronting her peers by protecting civil rights. As we move into a difficult new Congress, we need strong leaders like Jeff Merkley, Bernie Sanders, and this year’s hero: Kirsten Gillibrand.


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