GOP: Gearing up to attack LGBT community

13 Jan

Hear No Evil

It is not just Mike (I can pass for a charming Fascist) Huckabee that is pushing a hard core anti-equality agenda, but now Haley Barbour and Tim Pawlenty are also gearing up for the 2012 election.  I’m sure you remember Tim Pawlenty and him getting into bed with the homophobes at Target.  Tim Pawlenty, tells the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer that he’s itching to keep/reinstate a ban on open military service for gay soldiers–wow! Yes, let’s just reverse progress you total bigot.  These are some of the charming organizations that are donating to GOP bigoted candidates:

“homosexuals in the military gave us…six million dead Jews

“homosexuals should be disqualified from public office

Called on Christian conservatives to breed gays and progressives out of existence,


See the full article here on Jeremy’s blog.

Speak No Evil (Closet Queen)

See No Evil

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