Sociopathic, Sinister, Sarah…

15 Jan

I truly had no full comprehension of the full depths of Sarah Palin’s narcissism and sociopathy.  This latest stunt of hers of playing the victim, with unsubstantiated reports of death threats, is just over the top and unconscionable. What is more disgusting is that the media are advertising this without asking questions to see if they are reporting accurate information: U.S. News & World Report picked up the story today—again, without once questioning the information itself or its source. With six people dead, and Representative Giffords fighting for her life, it is not only galling to have Palin shift the spot light to her as the victim, it is really quite sick!  Rather than reflect on her words in the media and her behavior, she is twisting reality beyond all recognition to suit her own agenda and feed her insatiable ego.

The Most Dishonorable Sarah Palin

2 Responses to “Sociopathic, Sinister, Sarah…”

  1. webwordwarrior January 15, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    Sociopathic sinsiter Sarah slithers sickeningly, slightly startling sleepy sluggards, slandering stalwart servants.

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