Bigot of the Week Award, January 21, 2011

21 Jan

Not a big surprise that State Senator Chris Buttars earns this weeks BWA. Buttars has introduced a bill in Utah that would repeal the Salt Lake City school board’s recently instituted anti-bullying rules.  Buttars anti-gay agenda is quite clear as he refers to homosexuality as “sexual perversion.”  In this Youtube video, Buttars is transparently homophobic and it is disturbing to me that he cronies try to defend him, saying that “people just love to hate Buttars.”  Really?  Really?  It seems the only hate that needs to be addressed is how hateful Senator Buttars is and how he is actively participating in fostering a dangerous climate for LGBT youth. In the wake of over a dozen gay teen suicides, does it not seem unconscionable to repeal anti-bullying guidelines?  Shame on you, Buttars.  You are a nasty school yard bully.

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