Women Beware: John Boehner Wants Control of Your Bodies

26 Jan

I hate women!

Thank you to my friends Sara Swain and Jen Lockett for helping me with this story. New legislation (H.R. 3) introduced in the House would penalize women and businesses and eliminate insurance coverage for abortion. It goes even further than the Stupak Amendment that the last Congress rejected. Speaker John Boehner has promised that this anti-choice bill will be “one of [the House of Representatives’] highest legislative priorities.”  We must ALL take action to protect women’s health. Here is one place to take action: click here. I do wonder how Mr. Boehner has ever been denied the right to make choices for his own body.  We know that tanning beds are dangerous to your health.  I propose that we make it illegal for all people to use tanning beds.  If men are so interested in preventing unwanted births, perhaps all heterosexual men should have a vasectomy.

More bad news. Anti-choice Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana just introduced legislation to dismantle the nation’s family-planning network. This bill specifically targets low income women and all women receiving any government funding, thus these women would be denied access to health care that would include an abortion option.  Remember vasectomy prevents abortions.  This new RepubCongress is viciously anti-woman!  Here is another place we ALL can take action.  Click here.


2 Responses to “Women Beware: John Boehner Wants Control of Your Bodies”

  1. webwordwarrior January 28, 2011 at 6:07 am #

    Augh! Mock Turtle as ObGyn? Augh!

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