Uganda: Killing Gays

27 Jan

David Kato, Uganda’s most active voice for LGBT rights was beaten to death yesterday.  Uganda is  a country where homophobia is so severe that Parliament is considering a bill to execute gay people.  This would be a good time to remind ALL that Senator Coburn of Oklahoma has helped to fund the homophobia in Uganda. The Ugandan Government and the so-called U.S Evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood. A few months ago, a Ugandan newspaper ran an anti-gay diatribe with Mr. Kato’s picture on the front page under a banner urging, “Hang Them.”    I can only help this will get the media’s attention. If people take organizations like NOM and FRC seriously, this is their logical conclusion.  Click here to see the full article in the NYT.

David Kato: Gay Rights Activist Beaten to Death in Uganda

2 Responses to “Uganda: Killing Gays”

  1. Jennifer January 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    And sadly, we will silently stand by and let this happen because it’s happening to people who are thousands of miles away, black, poor, and homosexual. If two American blonde girls died in a car accident in Australia, it would be front page news, yet this man was brutally murdered for his sexual identity and it’s a ‘nothing story.’

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