Women’s History: February 26

26 Feb

Patron of the Arts

Happy Birthday, Mabel Dodge Luhan. Luhan was a well known benefactress of the arts and was influential in the start of the Taos Art Colony. In her memoir, Intimate Memories, Luhan recounts her very colorful and well lived life, including her many bisexual affairs. Luhan played hostess to such figures as: Gertrude Stein, her brother Leo, and Stein’s partner Alice B. Toklas.  D.H. Lawrence and his wife visited Luhan and her then husband in Taos–apparently it was a rather tense visit, so much so that both Lawrence and Luhan wrote about the experience.

Happy Birthday, Helen Clark. Clark served as Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999-2008.

Finally, on February 26, 1987 the Church of England’s General Synod voted to support the ordination of women priests—go Vicar of Dibley.


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