Total Recall: Power of the People

7 Mar


As the sun is out shining here in Portland, Oregon, I am comforted by the news in Arizona and Wisconsin. If you follow this blog, you have endured my rants against Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona.  Yes, there is actually hope in Arizona now. While the gun loving Brewer went on vacation in Alaska, (I think she and Palin are sharing a brain) the people of Arizona started to collect the necessary signatures to recall Brewer. 423,000 signatures are needed by the end of May to force a full recall–hard for me not to smile. Click here to see the full article.

But wait, there is more good news. As the Koch Brothers are paying for people to be bussed in to support Scott Walker, there is growing support to recall this piece of work as well. Is anyone else simply amazed at the amount of money tossed about all over the country by the Koch Brothers for their GOP agenda? Click here to see the Koch money trying to protect Scott Walker. Regardless of the money and efforts of the Koch Brothers, momentum is building to recall Governor Walker.  Speak Truth to Power!


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