Lady Gaga’s Integrity: Target Boycott Resumes

9 Mar

Lady Gaga Says No to Hate

I am loving Lady Gaga more and more and despising Target more and more. Lady Gaga has now broken her exclusive deal with Target: She and Target didn’t see eye to eye on Target’s policy of political donations and how they affect the LGBT community. I wish I saw more celebrities with this type of integrity and using their celebrity for social justice. I encourage everyone to continue or resume the Target Boycott!  How sad that Target would rather maintain its donations to homophobic political candidates than be dedicated to issues of social justice. Click here to see the full article. Brava, Lady Gaga–I know I was born this way.


4 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s Integrity: Target Boycott Resumes”

  1. combscp March 9, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    So happy to see Gaga placing her fans and the LGBT community ahead of her own business interests. Target is free to make donations to whomever they wish, but they must be aware that their actions will have consequences. This is a great move by Gaga, one that will surely cost Target millions and a few extra headaches. 🙂

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