Florida: Now You Are Surprised by Rick Scott?

10 Mar

Please refer to me as King Scott.

While I am bemused by the current rage of Americans and the backlash of the GOP over reaching with hidden agendas, I am somewhat despondent that people in Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, and Florida are surprised with what they got. Were none of you paying attention? Georgia and Florida elected criminals as governors–does not say much for either state. Yes, Floridians are now shocked that Scott is making unilateral decisions without working with the legislature.  Why are you surprised? You elected a man that was forced to resign as CEO from a healthcare organization Columbia/HCA, for systematic fraud including 14 felonies–and you are surprised by how he is governing? Really? I hope you all take some inspiration from the people in Wisconsin.  Here is a small example of how Scott sees his job as a civil servant:

The governor doesn’t understand there is a State Constitution and that we have three branches of government,” said State Senator Mike Fasano, a Republican from New Port Richey who upset Mr. Scott with rough handling of his staff during a testy committee hearing. “They are talking about the attitude that he is still the C.E.O. of his former health care corporation, and that is not going to work in this state, in Tallahassee, in my district. The people believe in three branches of government.

So who earns the Worst Governor Award?  I point you all to a great article from a fellow blogger–click here. I hope the Power of the People will Prevail and we will see a trend of Recalling Politicians that put their needs ahead of the People’s.

4 Responses to “Florida: Now You Are Surprised by Rick Scott?”

  1. Jess March 10, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to do with the election of Mr. Deal…not enough people argreed with my vote.

  2. combscp March 10, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    I would say I’m glad I no longer live in Florida, but then I remember us Virginians are stuck with McDonnell. 😉 Still, I find it amusing how even Scott’s own party has become frustrated with him. I wonder how many of these Republicans who were voted into office thanks to a wave of Tea Party support will soon fizzle out.

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