Wisconsin GOP: Workers Do You Feel the Love?

10 Mar

Recall Now:Workers Unite

In some respects it is difficult for me to feel sorry for the people of Wisconsin. Part of me says: You voted for the Republicans, now you are feeling the full impact of avarice and stupidity, brought to you by the Koch Brothers, “Buying Up America One State at a Time.” The activist part of me (the much larger part of me) says support the people of Wisconsin and encourage them to recall the very people they voted for during the mid-term elections. This latest move of stripping nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers seems like something one would read from a history book, or a Steinbeck novel.  Denying workers bargaining rights seems so unconscionable that I can’t imagine why more people are not enraged. I suppose rather than holding Walker and his Republican henchmen responsible, we could always just blame the unions (now eunuchs) and blame teachers. We all know how powerful and wealthy teachers are!

So how did Wisconsin get away with this move? Here is where the GOP proves how nefarious they really are. The 14 Democrats were missing, so as to ensure the vote would fail. However, Scott (Dr. Evil) Walker and the GOP were able to manipulate their way around this by not attaching any type of language around spending, thus stripping workers of their rights.  Click here to see the full article.


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