Stand Up to Bullying: Social Courage

3 Apr

Repeal DOMA

In the past three days, I have had three friends send me a video that is both powerful and extraordinarily sweet. The video shows teenagers with great social courage to Stand up to Bullying of LGBT Youth. What further prompted me to craft a blog entry around this video, was that two people that are very dear to me (both exceedingly heterosexual) posted a request to repeal DOMA on their Facebook page.  Unfortunately, each of these friends received some very bigoted responses from so called “Christians.” Of course, I took the bait from the blind backward bigots. With every piece of scripture they posted, I posed scripture as well, exposing their hypocrisy.  As usual, these white heterosexual christian hypocrites have no clue as to the privilege they have, nor do they know the meaning of bigot; they also love to do the GOP spin: “Don’t call me a bigot just because I behave like one.” So here is the tonic–the salve that helps us all to keep going and to keep fighting for civil rights. CLICK here to see this video of courage.  Thank you to my friends Tom and Mary for having the courage to be a straight ally in the face of so much hate.


2 Responses to “Stand Up to Bullying: Social Courage”

  1. Jennifer April 3, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    This video was so sweet and touching. I also thought that it accurately captured the realities of bullying, that many bystanders aren’t okay with what’s happening but are unsure of how to step up. It’s a powerful message.

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