GOP’s Family Values: Bribe Them with Booze

22 Apr

Booze, Bribes, Moral Bankruptcy

Those whacky madcap Republicans in Wisconsin turning to “the drink” to solve its problems.  Yes, Scott Walker and his little tea party are getting nervous, as they should.  Recall protests continue and it does not look as though even the Koch Brothers will be able to control the civil unrest of the oppressed unions and laborers of Wisconsin.  In a desperate and feeble attempt to turn the tables, the lobotomized Walker supporters have collected enough signatures to try and recall three Democrats as well–let us know how that goes: Republicans apparently had to give out free shots of booze to get enough signatures against the Democrats. Now that is Democracy at work–let me buy your support with a drink.  I wonder if that will be the new GOP slogan for 2012?  Click here to see the article and the video on Rachel Maddow’s show.


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