Anti-Bullying Project: Time Is Running Out

12 May

Help spread the anti-bullying message

The great anti-bullying comic project, The Power Within, is closing in on the funding deadline to do a print run for distribution at conferences and to teen and LGBTQ centers. The project closes on Friday, May 20. The total goal is a modest $3,000 and the current amount raised is just under $2,000. Please consider making even a small donation to this worthwhile project today.

A reminder of the project overview:

[Northwess Press is] looking to do a large print run of The Power Within, a comic book that tackles the subject of teen bullying and suicide. It focuses on Shannon, who gets picked on a lot at school because he is smaller, quieter and more “artistic” than the other kids. His dad and his teachers think the other kids wouldn’t tease him if he just “fit in” more. Their advice is for him to hide, or he’s bringing it on himself.

Faced with all this, Shannon has created a super-powered alter ego that he can escape into whenever he’s in a bad situation. Pretending he’s a powerful hero helps him stand up for himself. But will the power within be enough to save him?

Money raised through Kickstarter will be put toward the cost of printing the book, and will help us print a larger quantity. (Printing comics is much more affordable per copy with large print runs!)

In addition to sharing a great story, our goal is to get copies of the book into the hands of young people through youth centers, gay-straight alliances, and teachers’ groups. Printing the book in a large print run will help us distribute free copies of the book to people who need to hear its message.


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