Women’s History: May 20

20 May

Happy Birthday, Adela Rogers St. Johns

Happy Birthday, Adela Rogers St. Johns.  St. Johns was best known for her work as a sharp tongued journalist.  There were so few female journalists at that time, she was largely referred to as that “girl reporter.”  She started her journalistic career writing for the San Francisco Examiner, and eventually listed thirteen screenplays to her credit.  Later she wrote for such popular magazines as Cosmopolitan, and The Saturday Evening Post.  One of the big stories people may remember is the article she wrote about Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the man that kidnapped and killed the infant son of Charles Lindbergh. St. Johns also published a series of articles about the poor during the Great Depression, as well as covered the abdication of King Edward VIII.  St. Johns paved the way for women to pursue a career in journalism.

As a follow up to the story yesterday on our Anne Boleyn, it was May 20, 1536 that Henry VIII became engaged to Jane Seymour.  I guess 24 hours was all Henry needed to grieve over the execution of Anne.

Quote of the day:

I wish women would stand together and shackle the men who want to move us backwards.–Adela Rogers St. Johns

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