Hero of the Week Award: May 27

27 May

Hero of the Week

What an absolutely wonderful surprise this week.  While TSM had several nominations for HWA, two of the nominations were so compelling that today marks the first day that there are two winners.

Nominated by “Voice of the Trailer,” Congresswoman Jackie Speier earns this weeks’ HWA for her heartfelt and compelling self-disclosure of her own abortion in defense of Planned Parenthood:

You know, I had really planned to speak about something else, but the gentleman from New Jersey has just put my stomach in knots, because I’m one of those women he spoke about just now. I had a procedure at seventeen weeks, pregnant with a child that had moved from the vagina into the cervix. […] I lost a baby. For you to stand on this floor and suggest that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcome or done cavalierly or done without any thought, is preposterous. […] There is a vendetta against Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has a right to operate, Planned Parenthood has a right to offer abortions, last time you checked, abortions were legal in this country. You may not like Planned Parenthood; so be it. There’s many on our side of the aisle that don’t like Halliburton […] but do you see us filing amendments to wipe out funding for Halliburton? No, because frankly that would be irresponsible.

It clearly did not take much to expose New Jersey Republican Chris Smith for the misogynistic hater that he is.  Brava, Jackie Speier! Click here to see the full story.

Nominated by Jennifer Lockett, Lisa Lampanelli also earns this week’s HWA. The funny and irreverent stand up comic, Lampanelli, was performing in Topeka, Kansas, also home to the nefarious and homophobic  Westboro Baptist Church.  When Lampanelli  learned that there would be protesters from Fred Phelps church present, she made a pledged to to donate $1,000 for every protestor who shows up to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis — the nation’s oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider.  Click here for the full story.  Brava, Lisa!  Click here to see the video of Lampanelli giving a check for $50,000 to the GMHC.


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