The Power Within: Anti-Bullying Comic Project Beats Its Goal

28 May

The Power to Stop Bullying

Regular TSM readers will remember the wonderful Power Within project, an effort to produce copies of a powerful anti-bullying comic to distribute nationally to LGBT youth centers. Creators Zan Christensen and Mark Brill set up a Kickstarter page to raise $3,000 of the approximately $4,200 needed to fund the project. Thanks to the generosity of caring people like you, the project not only met its goal, it raised more than the $4,200, fully funding the printing. Christensen notes on the Kickstarter page:

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and brought us not only to our $3000 minimum, but to our $4200 total printing bill! I’ve been in touch with the printers and am scheduling the print run now; we will be able to produce more than 3000 full-color copies of the book to distribute to at-risk kids. I’ve launched with a link to submit your info for your local youth organizations that would like to get copies of the book. There will be more news as we determine the date that the book will be available. Backers will be the first to see it!

If you know of an organization that could benefit from copies of The Power Within, please identify it using the link above. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this project a reality.

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