The Often Overlooked “T” in LGBTQ: Interview with Daphiny

9 Jun

Daphiny is a 47 year old writer, born during the Johnson Administration.  Daphiny was kind enough to be interviewed after commenting on the first interview in this series.  She made it clear that she, too, is working to make the world a better place, and thus making her a great fit for TSM. Her parents passed away, but she does have seven half brothers and four half sisters.  Daphiny does not identify with any organized religion.  Daphiny identifies as “Non-Op Transsexual.”  She has a long time partner of ten years. Daphiny lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She is the author of Bourbon Street Stripper to New Orleans Lady!  I want to thank Daphiny for this interview and for the courage in sharing her story with TSM.  My hope is that this collection of interviews will help a younger generation find their voice and blossom in their gender identity.  Here is Daphiny’s story.

What age were you aware of feeling different?

As far back as I can remember, around the time I was in Kindergarten or Pre-School, I can remember wanting to be with the girls so bad, but my teacher didn’t approve and put me with the boys, each sex had a side of the classroom.  Of course I threw what I’m sure what would be called a tantrum.

What age did you decide to take action?

13, that’s when I told my mother, it didn’t go over well, I packed my clothes and moved to Key West, Florida.  At the time we were living in Key Largo, Florida we moved down there when I was probably in 2nd grade.   We moved down from Shelbyville, Indiana. A small town outside of Indianapolis,  Indiana .

What do we need to do to be more supportive of our transgender brothers and sisters? 

The  powerhouses of our community need to make an effort to include Transgendered individuals in all their decision making.  I am using Transgendered to include us all, and there are as many varying degrees of being Transgendered as there are snowflakes in a winters sky.  Non-Op, Transsexual, Transvestite , Cross-dresser, Drag queens and there are even Lesbian versions each one I mentioned too.  I have had the pleasure in my 33 years of living full time 24 hours a day as Daphiny of meeting one or more of them all.  I had my name and gender identifier changed when I was around 20 or so legally in California so I could work and I knew I was never going back, but wasn’t sure even then what type of Transgender I was. I have always believed the worse thing a Tg can do is rush into any surgeries especially the SRS.  We all change with time and that’s something you cant take back and to me its best to wait a little bit and be absolutely sure, than to stumble forward and find a few years down the road you made a mistake.  Some can pass in society without any problems, but some can’t, and whether you’ve got a pu@@y or not, people wont care and are very cruel..  I was very lucky, I always passed, but that was the only reason, I was lucky ……….

Thank you, Daphiny for sharing part of your story and your thoughts.  If anyone has questions or needs resources, please email me or contact TransActive.  If you are in desperate need, please contact the Trevor Project.


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