Do Gooder Prevails in Homophobic Attack

27 Jun

While I often like to think that I’m in a safe progressive bubble here in Portland, Oregon, the past month has proven that homophobic bigots are everywhere. Saturday morning a gay man was attacked in NW Portland, not far from the Pearl District.  28-year-old Shawn Siefke and 21-year-old Christian Sanchez-Villavencio attacked a man while yelling anti-gay epithets.

Unlike last month’s attack, where passers by did nothing to help the two gay men attacked, Andrew Smith, from Newport, jumped in to help.  The 24 year old Do-Gooder Smith was also attacked by the bigots Siefke and Sanchez-Villvencio.  I’m very sad that our hero Smith was attacked as well, but how nice that a passer by showed real social courage!!!  Click here to see the full story.


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