Bigot of the Week Award, July 1

1 Jul

Here to discriminate not protect!

Thank you to my friend Bonnie for inspiring this story.  Bonnie is not only my wonderful granddaughter butt she is a fierce and tremendous gay ally. If the census data are to be believed, Atlanta has the third largest LGBT population in the United States. Given the numbers of LGBT people, one would think there would be a modicum of equality extended. The article in this week’s Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), would prove other wise.  The AJC exposed the homophobic and unethical behavior of the Atlanta Police Department (APD) when they raided the Eagle, a gay bar, for no reason last year. All of the subterfuge and lies on behalf of the APD earn them the BWA.  Here are just a few of the unethical and homophobic efforts of the APD:

At least 10 police officers lied and then many of them deleted data on their  cellphones in an attempt to hide their actions the night of a raid on a Midtown Atlanta gay bar… top police officials gave misleading information to the public when they answered reporters’ questions about the controversial raid at the Atlanta Eagle bar on Sept. 10, 2009…The reports conclude that most of the officers involved in the operation did not conform to the APD’s standard operating procedures.

What I find particularly disgusting and profoundly sad is that the very people charged with the task of protecting the citizens of Atlanta have abused their power to discriminate against an already marginalized population.  Shame on you APD!

In a somewhat optimistic note, Mayor Kasim Reed said, “the resolution of this matter a top priority.”

When I first read this article, I thought I was reading an article from the early 1970s.  This horrific incident shows how much work has yet to be done in the area of civil rights for LGBT people.  Again, it  is imperative that we be OUT and VISIBLE.  Click here to read more.

2 Responses to “Bigot of the Week Award, July 1”

  1. trueconfessionsofafemalemotorcyclist July 1, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    I read this story this morning and I was appalled. For some reason, I had hoped Atlanta had moved past this, hearing stories from people about how inside Atlanta people were more opened minded and accepting. I’m deeply saddened by this. I, too, believe that it’s important to be out because it gives a face and a name to those who are being discriminated against. And generally, those doing the discriminating don’t like that.

    • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt July 1, 2011 at 9:50 am #

      You are such a wonderful do-gooder. Of course your heart was sad! I’m just glad we are out and visible and vocal!

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