What Liberal Media? Mark Halperin Gets Elocution Lessons From Frau Bachmann

2 Jul

Soon to Appear on Fox

Most of you probably know that the very Klassy Mark Halperin has been suspended from MSNBC for calling the President of the United States a “dick” on national television.  I grow ever weary of people talking insanely about “the liberal media.”  Can someone show me where this “liberal media” exist?  While Halperin demonstrated his lack of judgement, integrity, and character, he seems to be just one of many on a ship of fools.

I am unable to distinguish the difference between Fox (Faux) News and MSNBC in the mornings.  They seem to be sad Siamese twins.  The “Liberal Media” co-opt language when they say  things like pro-life or gay marriage, rather than having journalistic integrity and using honest language: Anti-choice v. Pro-Choice, Marriage Equality v. Discrimination of civil rights!  Words do matter.

I also grow tired of the media focusing on sex between consenting adults rather than focusing on Republicans refusing to increase taxes to help solve the deficit problem.  Really? Is it that difficult to see that when you have no income coming in and you need to spend money, what is the solution?  Duh!  Raise taxes on those that earn more.  We now have over 30 years of evidence that “trickle down economics” does not work. 

Halperin is yet just another media whore who lacks integrity, not to mention just having a professional demeanor.  How I long for Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow.  Click here to see the full article.


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