President Obama: How Very Dare You

3 Jul

Quit Protecting The Rich

As our employees the congress have to work during this holiday weekend, only because they had to be shamed into doing so, our President has the chutzpah to bring up cutting tax breaks again.  What nerve.  Is he insane? Has he been drinking?  President Obama had the unmitigated gall to propose adjusting the tax breaks for those that own their own jets.  This lunacy is tantamount to my husband telling me if I want to lose weight I need to eat less and exercise more.  Rubbish!  If that were true everyone would be doing it. If the answer to our deficit problem were as easy as cut tax breaks for the wealthiest of the wealthy in the country and raise taxes that have not increased since 1950, then of course Congress would implement such an obvious and easy solution.  They are the leaders, the intelligent people we hold accountable to help and protect all of the citizens of America.

Just look at how smart they are!  John Boehner wants to spends millions of tax dollars to discriminate against the LGBT community and Miclele Bachmann who can’t even spell the word history.  Oops, maybe these are not good examples of “leaders” in congress.  Maybe we do need to listen to President Obama.  Maybe we just need to pay attention!  Click here to see the full article.


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