LGBT Community: Leave Texas!

6 Jul

Not Safe For LGBT

There are so many parts of the South that discriminate against the LGBT community.  Do we remember Jim DeMint, or Saxby Chambliss? I often wonder what would happen to these states if ALL LGBT people just left and went to blue progressive states.

Given the following three stories in Texas, I certainly would advocate a great exodus.

Wharton, Texas: Nikki Araguz, a transgender woman, is being denied benefits from her late husband, fallen firefighter Thomas Araguz III.  Transphobic  Wharton County District Judge Randy Clapp ruled that “the Araguzes’ marriage was invalid because Nikki Araguz was born male. ”  Araguz continues to appeal Clapp’s ruling.

San Antonio, Texas:

Haven for Hope, a homeless shelter, is refusing donations that came from San Antonio’s Gay Pride Festival because, “it is a gay event.”  Yes, I suppose touching “gay” money might make the heterosexual homeless people turn gay.  Strangely enough, heterosexual money has not turned me heterosexual.  Here is the mission statement for Haven for Hope:

 Haven for Hope’s mission is to transform and save lives of the homeless.
Our purpose is to provide homeless individuals and families with the training, skills and assistance needed to help them become self-sufficient.

I left a message for both Christi Reyes and for Mary Rose Brown.  I did speak with Andrea and she said someone will get back to me. I shall post an update as soon as I hear back from any of the three people. I have to question their dedication to helping the homeless if they are willing to refuse money from the LGBT community.  Here is the gracious response I just received from Haven for Hope:

Michael, thanks for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to respond to this rumor.  We have looked into this issue, and from what we can gather, it was caused by miscommunication due to some internal turnover that we just underwent.  Basically, Pride SA had contacted an individual who no longer works for Haven for Hope, and there was a breakdown in communication with Pride SA after that person left.
Please know that Haven for Hope serves anyone in need – regardless of age, gender, race, religious affiliation  or sexual orientation.  We also welcome any and all support for Haven for Hope and its members, and sincerely appreciate Pride SA’s offer to collect items for Haven for Hope.

George Block
CEO Haven for Hope

Houston, Texas:

Jon Buice was just released on parole after the brutal murder of gay banker Paul Broussard in 1991.  The Houston Chronicle offered the headline of “Gay community mixed over killer’s parole,” but got the response of one gay person.  Misleading? Gee you think?

Will Gov. Rick Perry be praying to end violence and discrimination during his big Prayer Meeting in August? I think not!  I wonder how much talent, money, and resources Texas would lose if all LGBT people got up and moved.  Click here to see my source for this article.

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