Update on Target Boycott: Target Funds Frau Bachmann

14 Jul

Bachmann's Favorite Place to Shop

At this point it, is no secret that presidential candidate and fascist Michele Bachmann is one of the loudest homophobic bigots in the country. What needs to be equally well known is that Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has given the maximum contribution allowable to Bachmann.  Needless to say, we need to spread the word and reinvigorate the BOYCOTT against TARGET.

Here is my conundrum. My heart really goes out to all of the Target employees in the LGBT community.  This most certainly is not the time to look for a new job.  How must they feel knowing that Target’s Corporate office continues to throw money at anti-gay candidates? While I was very proud of Lady Gaga for breaking her contract with Target, I realize that Target employees will not find it so easy to break their ties with the homophobic corporation.

I fear I do not have the answer for Target employees.  However, I am very comfortable publishing the names of those that do business with Target, i.e. celebrity whores that do their commercials then appear on HGTV, such as Sabrina Soto.  Is it just a coincidence or is it starting to feel like Nazi Germany with Bachmann and Steinhafel putting pink triangles on all of us homos?

I will think of some creative ways we can support our LGBT brothers and sisters that have to work for Target, but in the meantime full speed ahead with the Boycott!  Click here to see the full article.

One Response to “Update on Target Boycott: Target Funds Frau Bachmann”

  1. shelley st clair September 28, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    I have always felt that Target is bigoted. I applied for a part-time job there five years ago. I was 57 and on social security disability. They would not hire me. I have never not been hired for a retail position and have had a lot of experience doing retail. I have shopped there since that time but always felt I shouldn’t. Now it’s a done deal. I am joining the boycott. I do know that the mother store which became Target was a department store based in Minneapolis. This might be the connection, but STILL.

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