“We Will Not Entertain Any Tax Increases”: Hatch, DeMint, Paul the Unholy Trinity

16 Jul

Protect the Rich

President Obama said, “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my Presidency down, but I will not yield on this,” in response to the obstreperous Eric Cantor (R-VA).  Cantor’s bilious behavior probably just resulted from needing a proper burping. While we watch Republicans screaming and yelling about the deficit and bullying everyone on the playground with, “we will not entertain any tax increases,” their only offered solutions are to: cut Medicare, cut Social Security, cut Planned Parenthood, and or divert our attention to “look the gays are taking over.”

Orrin Hatch, that lovable curmudgeon who grows nostalgic for his dinners with George Wallace and asked for his money back from the Ford Theatre when the play was interrupted by Lincoln’s assassination, said:

congressional Republicans should limit Washington’s ability to spending, warning revenue increases are unacceptable.

Am I the only one that is absolutely confused here? So you demand the President do something to stop the deficit, but you tie his hands behind his back and say he cannot increase taxes on the wealthy.  Really?  And the American people let you get away with that Senator Hatch?  Shame on you!  Of course, Birds of a feather flock together: when Hatch lends his voice to the voices of Jim DeMint and Rand Paul, you know the country is in deep trouble. I know there are many that would yell at Senator Hatch: “You greedy white rich bastard–you care nothing about the American people.”  I shall not say anything of the sort. I shall only let his behavior speak for itself.  Click here to see the article.


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