Latest in Racial Profiling: More on Racism in America

19 Jul

We All Must Stop Racism

If you have been following TSM for any length of time, you have witnessed my frustration and even rage at what I have called the New American Racism.  The overwhelming number of racists incidents in the past four years, not a coincidence that the rise to this new ugly racism is after we have elected our first African-American President, is evidence that we still have a long way to go towards civil rights in this country.

One of the ugliest incidents of course, was the Tea Bagger/Birther Movement, demanding a birth certificate from President Obama. Have these people no shame? The latest incident of DeShon Marman being arrested and taken off a US Airways flight is just more evidence that black men in America are being profiled. Marman was confronted and then later escorted off the plane and arrested for having sagging pants.  While I personally have no appreciation for men wearing there pants below their waistline, it is not a crime, but it certainly does fit a profile: “Scary black man and he has sagging pants–he must be dangerous,” in my best Tea Party voice.

I also put this article in the LGBT and Feminism category because I truly believe that those of us that are marginalized are obligated to stand in solidarity to our oppressors.  We have seen how racism, misogyny, and homophobia are all related. Marman’s story is a reflection of the long history of institutionalized racism.  I would strongly encourage all TSM readers to pick up a copy of Dr. Beverly Tatum’s book, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?  Tatum does a marvelous job addressing issues around race, power, gender, and homophobia. Click here to see the video and read the full story.


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