Vermont’s The Wildflower Inn Poisoned by Homophobia

20 Jul

Everyone but LGBT Folk

Thank you to my dear friend Allison Cleveland for inspiring me to craft this post. Vermont is one of the six states, plus D.C., where marriage equality is the law.  Sexual orientation is also a protected class in the state of Vermont, as it is here in Oregon. Yesterday it was reported that The Wildflower Inn refused to host a lesbian wedding because of the owner’s personal beliefs regarding homosexuality.

While I’m not thrilled about people who are bigots, I can’t deny them their beliefs.  As Voltaire said: ” I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  When I first read this article, I was somewhat conflicted about my feelings regarding the bigoted owner of the Wildflower Inn.  In fact, my husband and I (I have to mention my husband here because it is part of the Gay Agenda–we get a toaster oven if a hetero marriage falls by the wayside) had to tease out whether or not the ACLU should in fact get involved.

Here was the tipping point for me.  It is the law!  Sexual orientation is a protected class, thus The Wildflower Inn broke the law.  Another thing that helped was that I had to ask myself how would I feel if the Inn refused to host a black couple’s wedding–that is the exact same thing–it is breaking the law.

Reading the mother’s response was also quite compelling to file a lawsuit:

Imagine my shock when I called the Wildflower Inn and they told me that they have a policy of not hosting “gay receptions.” How could this be? I was incredulous, then disappointed and hurt. Someone who didn’t even know us was telling me that my lovely daughter wasn’t good enough to have her reception at their facility while everyone else who sees the resort’s website is welcome…When I realized that Vermont is one of 21 states that includes sexual orientation as a protected class in its anti-discrimination laws, I felt — and feel — strongly that this case is not about my daughter’s wedding. This is about a public place breaking the law.

Yes, I  do believe that humans can hold to their own bigoted belief system regardless!  However, their personal belief systems CANNOT prevent honoring other people’s civil rights.  As they are allowed to cling to their beliefs, I am allowed to propose a boycott of the Wildflower Inn in Vermont!  Click here to see the full article.

2 Responses to “Vermont’s The Wildflower Inn Poisoned by Homophobia”

  1. Jay July 20, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    I’m no lawyer, but fighting for equality in ‘public accommodations’ was a major part of the original Civil Rights movement. Consider the lunch-counter sit-ins, and Jackie Robinson being refused service from hotels where his teammates were staying, and so on. An inn’s reception areas are just as much a public accommodation as their guest rooms or restaurant, so this looks like red-letter law to me.

    A grayer area would be a stupid and bigoted florist, or wedding planner, who refused to work with gay couples. Still immoral, wrong, and asinine, but not (quite) so clearly illegal.

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