“Do They Have to Throw It In Our Faces?”

25 Jul

Does this strike fear in your heart?

I was talking with my friend Mary, a wonderful LGBT ally, the other day, and she was recalling a conversation she had with her heterosexual nephew.  Mary was actually talking to him about me and about equality for the LGBT community.  Her nephew gave a typical response that I am afraid I have grown quite tired of hearing: “I don’t mind the gays, but do they have to throw it in our faces?”

Fortunately, Mary gave the retort of, “If you want to talk about throwing it in people’s faces, look at us heterosexuals.”  Brava, Mary!  Just what is it that we are throwing into people’s faces?  That we are tired of being treated as second class citizens? That we, tax-paying citizens, want our civil rights–the same civil rights that tax-paying heterosexuals receive?  Or is it just exceedingly threatening to think about when you chose to be straight? Or my secret weapon of mass destruction–the big Gay Agenda? Or perhaps we are just tired of the double standard of affection between heterosexuals and homosexuals!

Yesterday marks a great turning point in history.  New York celebrated many same gender couples’ marriage equality–a huge moment for civil rights.  While the media showed many pictures of the very mean spirited bigots from NOM holding up their signs of hate, there were also some really quite lovely signs of couplesthat had been together for decades that were finally allowed to marry.  My friend and LGBT ally “Voice From the Trailer” sent me a dear picture of Phyllis Siegel and her now legal spouse, Connie Kopelov, with the sarcastic caption: “I wish these two would quit throwing their “Lifestyle” in my face….damn.”  Yes, I’m sure the picture of Phyllis (age 76) and Connie (age 84) must strike fear into the hearts of our heterosexual brothers and sisters.  They have waited 23 years to be legally married–just part of the Gay Agenda.

For those of you who believe Phyllis and Connie and the rest of us in the LGBT community are “throwing it your faces,” I have to ask why are you so consumed with LGBT people? It seems to me that if one is secure in one’s own sexual orientation, one is not bothered by marriage equality.  If you don’t want same sex couples getting married, then please don’t marry someone of the same sex, but do not deny others the civil rights you take for granted. Thank you to all of our heterosexual allies, for progress is made with your support, love, and courage.

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