20 Million Dollars to Attack Democrats This Summer

27 Jul

Tragic Piece of Work

While brushing my teeth this morning, (lest we forget the dental hygiene ritual as part of the Gay Agenda) I saw a horrific commercial on the television attacking my congressman Kurt Schrader. The spin on reality and the specious arguments being made were enough to make me spit up. I’m left wondering if people really believe this garbage.

Crossroads, the conservative anonymous-money giant, also known as Karl Rove’s political action committee, has spent $20 million for a summer attack on Democrats to control the political dialogue in the country.  Yes, the spin doctor is at work again.  One of those democrats being attacked is Kurt Schrader. While we talk about raising the debt ceiling and about unemployment, social security, and medicare, big money Republicans are spending 20 million to spread lies and instill fear in the hearts of the American people.  Does this tactic sound familiar?  Remember “The War on Terrorism” and “The Gays Attacking America”? Rove and Cheney helped move the country into a state of Fascism.  If you did not support W. and the war in Iraq, you were called unpatriotic. Now we see Rove using the current budget crisis to use fear again.  Rather ironic, given the architects of the current budget crisis were those in the George W. administration.  Am I the only one that thinks Rove is a complete sociopath?

The commercials accuse Democrats of “out of control” spending and refusing to exercise restraint.  The reality is that Schrader voted against extending the tax cuts enacted by former-President Bush and he has returned $180,000 in unused funds from his own congressional account.  He has also been an outspoken critic of government spending. Exactly how are our elected officials to be responsible stewards of tax dollars when they refuse to increase taxes on corporations and on the top 2% of the  richest Americans?

There does not seem to be a lot of room for negotiating when Republicans say they refuse to look at increasing taxes and then blame the President for doing what they have instructed him to do.  Let us remember that increasing the debt ceiling does not allow for more spending, but it only makes it possible to pay the debts that have already been agreed upon, by both parties, to pay. I hope the American people have grown tired of scapegoating women and the LGBT communities. Please tell me that the absurd lies being told by Crossroads/Karl Rove are not being consumed by the public at large.


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