When Tea Baggers Prevail

2 Aug

Because the media and the blogosphere have been consumed with news about the debt ceiling, I have tried to steer clear of the topic, as much as I could.  As the Senate now looks to pass the bill that has already passed the House, I can no longer stay quiet.

The hypocrisy and bullying of the Tea Party will have profound negative effects on our country, specifically the middle class and the poor.  First, we should never have even reached such a dramatic point of “financial collapse,” but Republicans allowed right wing extremist to dictate the conversation, with a categorical mandate refusing compromise or debate. In fact, we witnessed President Obama as he acquiesced to John Boehner Republicans and extended the Bush tax cuts last December.  Not a shining moment for President Obama.  Simple basic math would seem to be enough to show that tax cuts, specifically tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans do not help eliminate debt.

The repercussions of today’s Tea Party triumph are shameful and embarrassing for us as a nation. Americans should take note that during these depressed economic times, when people depend on social services more than ever, will be harmed. How is this good for the economy? We now have over 30 years of evidence that “trickle down economics” does not work.

The game seems transparent enough.  The Republicans throw tantrums and bully Democrats until there is a crisis and then they choke us until the only way out of the crisis is to acquiesce.  So what will be the wake up call? When will Americans stand up and say enough? How many of us actually called our representatives in the past two weeks to let them know we would not be bullied by the Tea Party?  Today marks a sad day in history and things are certainly likely to get worse.  Click here to see the full NYT article.


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