Hero of the Week Award: August 5, Kathleen Sebelius

5 Aug

Hero of the Week

Regular readers of TSM will recall the wonderful report from the Institute of Medicine which recommended that birth control and other women’s health issues be treated as preventive care by insurance providers. This week, Kathleen Sebelius directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to adopt this recommendation. This historic move, following her original request for the investigation which led to the report, earns Sec. Sibelius this week’s HWA.

Brava, Madame Secretary! It is a sad commentary on our times that it takes a strength of conviction to simply do the right thing. In this political climate, however, any stand for women’s rights faces angry shouts from the looniest fringes of Teabaggistan. Everyone who cares about this important issue can support our Hero by making a positive public comment on the new rules during the 60 day comment period. Let us all support this heroic action today!

This week we also have a strong honorable mention for the HWA, shared by two brave U.S. Senators. On Tuesday, Congress passed a tepid, cowardly bill which prevented the country from going into default but took no measures to really address our deficit problem. Recognizing that this bill simply defers real action at a great cost to the needy and the middle class, Senators Jeff Merkley (D – OR) and Bernie Sanders (I – VT) both voted “No” and issued bold statements about their opposition to capitulation to the wealthy in the guise of compromise. Celebrate their stand for America and read Merkley’s and Sanders’ statements today.

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