My Solipsistic Year

12 Aug

The 3 Faces of the Solipsistic Husband

When my husband started this blog a year ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. We were both interested in exploring social networking and online communication and Michael had some observations about the world he wanted to share. We set up a simple blog (Thank you, WordPress!) and he got started. After a couple of weeks, I was so enjoying his posts that I got the urge to write something myself. The rest is history.

While it is very much Michael’s blog and vision, I have enjoyed the opportunities to contribute my thoughts. Over the past year we’ve spent some productive and enjoyable time bouncing ideas off each other and learning about the world around us. Contributing to The Solipsistic Me has noticeably improved the quality of my writing. I’ve also had the chance to apply the research skills I’ve developed as a librarian to different topics and more journalistic inquiries.

To celebrate the first Solipsistic Birthday, I’ve picked ten stories I wrote that I feel best represent my contribution to the blog.

The First Amendment, Hypocrisy, and Bias: Juan Williams as Case Study (Oct. 23): This fairly early post involved a great deal of research and several rewrites to get my words to match my thoughts. It arose from my steadfast defense of free speech and my frustration with people who fail to understand the subtleties of that concept.

Words Matter – or – Why I Won’t Be “Tolerated” (Nov. 18): I had written a handful of short posts about the hypocrisy of homophobia, but this post brought all my threads together in one cohesive piece. Tolerance is never enough when one is discussing common humanity.

Black Friday: Don’t Buy Your Sweater Off the Back of the Poor (Nov. 24): Every holiday season I become more disgusted at the reprehensible “special sales” that start at 4:00 a.m. (or earlier). What horrific consumerism and abuse of workers! Last Thanksgiving I had a platform to voice my dismay in this post.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service – Civics Made Practical (Jan. 17): It is important to remember the origins of our national holidays. MLK day isn’t just another day off, it’s a challenge to engage in improving our communities. I really enjoyed researching this piece and finding resources to help our readers volunteer.

A Blow to Censorship: The Comics Code Authority Fades Away (Jan. 22): This post merged my opposition to censorship with my life-long fondness for comic books. I’ve always found the CCA to be oppressive and arbitrary; it was delightful to celebrate its overdue end.

Learning How to Learn: An Homage to My Grandfather (Feb. 14): I used a lot of tissues writing this post. My grandfather was a powerful, positive influence on my life and it was a true pleasure to celebrate him.

The Most Challenged Books of 2010: Proof We Need Our Libraries (Apr. 15): Another anti-censorship post, this time from my perspective as a librarian. I also did a series for Banned Books Week in the fall. This post closed out National Library week and provided a nice overview of the ongoing challenges faced by our libraries.

Oregon Librarians Visit Congress (May 13): A slightly more solipsistic post, this recounted one of the highlights of my career so far, participating in my first National Library Legislative Day. As publicly-funded entities, libraries have complex dependencies on laws and funding from the local to the national level. I appreciated the opportunity to spell out some of the key issues and to celebrate my wonderful colleagues.

Books For Charity or Scam For Profit? (May 22): My personal favorite of my more journalistic stories, this post arose from some local concern about those big blue bins that offer to swallow up second-hand books for charity. I truly enjoyed digging up the truth and raising public awareness. This was also one of my most re-posted stories, which was very gratifying..

Women In Comics: Everything Old Is New Again (Aug. 1): This very recent post is a testament to patience. I had wanted to write about Gail Simone’s Women In Refrigerators project for months but never found the right thesis. One day the critical piece dropped into my lap and the story came together very quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of this wonderful world of TSM (and proof of my propensity for subtitles). Regular contributor Lex Kahn has also celebrated the anniversary with his Wednesday Word of the Week and Michael will weigh in as the Editor-in-Chief. It’s been a fun, informative, and engaging year participating in the blog and watching it grow. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings. Big thanks to my wonderful husband for making me a part of his online world, too.

2 Responses to “My Solipsistic Year”

  1. Sara August 12, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    As a reader, I applaud the effort and have enjoyed the fruits of your labors. As your friend and editor, I beg you, please please please never never use hyphens with adverbs, as in publicy-funded, etc. I think the NYT does that. Liz, too. I hate it. Otherwise, this is just another excuse to say hi, I love and miss you!


    • rhulshofschmidt August 12, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

      Love and greetings to you too! Glad you enjoy the celebration. As for the false compound adjective, I plead the lack of my great editor of yore. ;-}

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