22 Sep

I Am Truth


I AM TRUTH!  You know… the one you lock out of your heart and out of your mind when you prefer to walk in darkness.

I am the one that liberates men from fear, deception, false perceptions, dishonesty, and unethical practices so that they may truly see and experience wholeness and abundance.

You know me well, so don’t try to deny who I am and what I am by acting like you are unfamiliar with me when you are around your friends.

I was the one that you locked away for decades so that you could ease your guilty conscience when you enslaved innocent Africans for hundreds of years.

Now, Now, Now! Let’s keep it real! You know that as long as you could rape the women of Africa and exploit the Mother Land’s male children to work your farms, pick your cotton, and provide the physical labor to build your financial portfolios and institutions, that you would have imprisoned me forever if you could have gotten away with it.

I am the one you blindfolded and handcuffed so you could kill Emmett Till in Mississippi and those four innocent Black children in Birmingham, Alabama, by bombing Negro churches during the Civil Rights Movement because you wanted to feel superior to the disenfranchised and the poor and maybe even wipe out their existence from the Earth.

And if the truth be told, I was the one that you nailed to a cross over 2,000 years ago on Calvary’s hill because my cutting-edge message was so radical, it made you see that your man made rituals, ceremonies, and legalistic practices were not the way to eternal life and had absolutely no redeeming value!

Dismissing me from your mind made it easy for you to kill prophets, assassinate Presidents and Civil Rights leaders, persecute countless races and steal their land, assets, and women because of your endless need to fulfill your greed and fleshly desires.

I am the one that you shoved in the corner because your desire to hate and discriminate was so strong until if you had not eliminated and disempowered me, you could have never felt justified in murdering and raping gay youths like Jason Mattison Jr., George Lopez Mercado, Marcellus Andrews,  Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King or feel good about falsely proclaiming yourselves as emissaries from Heaven, breathing out endless hate-filled slogans during Gay Pride Parades as you pompously held up signs saying, “God Hates Fags!”

I am the one Pastors had the ushers escort out of the church because he feared repercussions that would result in the losses of tithes and offerings had he dared tell the truth. Because had he stood up for me by telling his parishioners that no matter what we believe in the Bible or how we interpret the Bible, it does not ever give us the right to hate or follow the insane masses by condoning witch hunts and heinous hate crimes.

I tried to tell you how acquainted with love I am and how the two of us have known each other for millenniums, but you still try to discredit our relationship. Because to acknowledge it would mean that you would have to hear the voices of the children who are crying out and admitting today, “Yes, we are same-gender-loving people, but we just want a chance to love the person who is our true soul mate; a chance to possess the same rights that you enjoy. We just want a chance to experience the joy of celebration as our friends and families are gathered around us like they were at your weddings, as we celebrate our Covenant unions.”

Come, on now…don’t act like you don’t know me!

I know that it is painful to look at me with discerning eyes of clarity because you would rather see life through rose-colored glasses so you can continue to rob the unsuspecting masses in your corporate meetings, steal their stocks and bonds, avoid the payment of taxes that you owe, and initiate hostile business takeovers so you can continue to lavish yourselves with materials things that eventually the righteous shall possess in the end because of your unethical practices.

I am the one you hid away from your conscience and locked in a closet so your God-given attributes of kindness, compassion, equity, and love for all humanity could never express themselves in the dawn of any new day.

Isn’t it funny?! I was around before your mother ever conceived you, but you think that because you have a college education and a piece of paper in your hand that you call a degree and you can quote a few memorized scriptures, that you know more than me. How foolish! How arrogant! How unwise!

Even though I possess more power than you do and I have existed longer than you could ever imagine, I refuse to make you listen to me by overriding your will or God-given right to choose, even though your only intent is to deceive, humiliate, kill, steal, and destroy the innocent lives of others.

But know this! In the end, you shall not prevail because I am going to be present at your Eternal Hearing, and I am going to reveal every lie you told, every evil scheme you thought of, every life you stole, every career you ruined by character assignation, every fear you fertilized because it benefited your evil cause, every false doctrine, and Biblical principle and concept that you distorted to discriminate and marginalize so that you could keep people from possessing what is rightfully theirs.

And the very ones you robbed, exploited, stole from, told would never gain entrance into Heaven, hated, falsely accused and murdered by lethal injection, and authored bills to deny them of their Civil rights will be in that same courtroom as justice prevails.

So go on…do your thing because it won’t change who I am. It won’t change my complexion. It won’t change my mission. It won’t distort my vision.  It won’t lesson my power, and it won’t wipe out my existence because in the end, there is only one voice that will be heard above all other voices throughout eternity and that voice is mine. For I AM TRUTH!


6 Responses to “I Am The Truth: IN LOVING MEMORY OF TROY DAVIS”

  1. DeShawn Jenkins September 22, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    Thank you for this Michael!

    • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt September 22, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

      DeShawn, I’m so happy you read the article. I’m just very fortunate to have Angel as a contributor.

  2. Voice of the Trailer September 22, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Those death eaters are on a roll! You may have left the Dirty South, but ain’t a thing changed. We still like hanging black folks from the trees. I’m still feeling sick to my stomach since last night. Does Mother Annalise Macphail really feel better this morning?

  3. Voice of the Trailer September 22, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Billie told me to send this.

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