Wednesday Word of the Week, October 19: Obstruction

19 Oct

The party of NO strikes again!

This week’s word is OBSTRUCTION

the act of taking action in order to prevent someone from doing something or to prevent something from happening – Macmillan Dictionary Online

An equally accurate definition

Republicans in Congress – Wednesday Word of the Week

It has been true for nearly three years, but now it is more clear than ever. The Republican response to everything is “NO.”

A clear majority of Americans indicate in poll after poll that their top priority for Congress is job creation. The President created a jobs bill. The Republicans stymie it, using the ridiculous filibuster rules in the Senate. They have no alternate proposal.

The Federal government lacks an operating budget and is limping along on stopgap agreements. No real budget is possible without revenue increases. The majority of Americans believe that millionaires should be taxed more fairly; even many millionaires agree. The Republicans refuse to budge on any increase in revenue.

The Justice Department determines that the so-called Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and decides not to defend it further in court. This is completely within the purview of this department. Republicans in the House dedicate money to hire an outside council to defend the law, wasting taxpayer money.

The President uses his Constitutional authority to nominate a head for the new Consumer Protection Bureau. Alarmed that Elizabeth Warren might actually do the job she was appointed to do, Senate Republicans block her nomination. (Just wait until they have to deal with her in the Senate!)

The list goes on and on. One is left with only two possible conclusions.

Perhaps Republicans hate government so much (they certainly say they do) that they want to starve it to death. Given that the people withholding the nourishment are members of the government, this is pathetic and pathological at the same time.

While it is entertaining to believe that Congressional Republicans are all certifiably insane, the more likely explanation is both simpler and nastier. The economy is rocky. America needs forward motion. They don’t want President Obama to get any credit for such forward motion.

Simply put, defeating a duly-elected President is more important to these monsters than doing their sworn duty and protecting the interests of ALL Americans.

In just over a year, we’ll have a national election. The choice is crystal clear. We cannot afford to reward the party of obstructed morals.

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