Kudos to Ohio University: Halloween and Conversations Around Race

25 Oct

As the Halloween holiday approaches and kids and adults alike look to create scary or witty costumes, now seems the time to remember our own privilege and power and not use abuse either.  STARS (Students Teaching Against Racism) have done a fantastic job of creating a series of posters that I would qualify as a PSA.

STARS mission is to:

to educate and facilitate discussion about racism and to promote racial harmony and to create a safe, non-threatening environment to allow participants to feel comfortable to express their feelings.

I confess to my own prejudice here.  I was surprised that the state (Ohio)  of John Boehner produced such a great group of thinking progressive students.  I need to be more generous to Ohio, despite people like Boehner.

The posters do a great job of addressing racism towards African-Americans, Latinos, and Muslims.  I hope everyone will enjoy Halloween if you celebrate it, but I want to conclude by saying that Racism is never funny!   Click here to see the full article.


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