Race, Gender, Activism: My Interview with Moka King

28 Oct

Moka King is a friend of mine that has also dedicated her life to issues around social justice and equality for the LGBTQI community. She is a Generation Xer with an amazing capacity for love and generosity.  Here is an opportunity to check out what Moka is doing and for us all to take inspiration to take action.

Moka identifies as a cisgender British African-American lesbian. She is the host of Moka’s Corner radio program.  Moka lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She plans to legally marry in the late spring. She is a passionate champion for all within the LGBTQI community.  She was kind enough take some time to visit with me and talk about some current projects she is devoting a great deal of energy to.

Moka, can you share with the TSM audience what you try to accomplish on your radio talk show?

I focus on LGBTQI issues and political issues that face the LGBTQI community.  We try to educate the LGBTQI community. I look for ways I can help.  I have been looking at the Ugandan Bill to Kill Gays and the political climate against the LGBT community here in the United States.  Gender identity is a social construct and we all fall on a fluid spectrum of gender identity.  I come  from a strict Baptist background but I knew was a lesbian from early childhood.

Click here to follow Moka on her radio show, or follow her on her Facebook page.

What are you currently working that we need to be aware of now?

We are planning a mass protest by wearing blue which represents clarity, purity, innocence and universal love. As of this time we already have the complete backing of Transgender Author Toni Newman Kayo Anderson of KAM, Runway Magazine, OurSistersCircle a web based lesbian social group, and Change the CD counseling and support group for LGBTQI community with special outreach to our youth. We have contacts within the LGBTQI community who will be confirming to us in the coming week.

The dates we have set for this protest are Nov 16th and 17th. You may ask why these dates. November 16th is the International Day of Tolerance. This day represents humanity to all. November 17th Is National Transgender Day of Remembrance. World wide it is reported that a member of the transgender community is tortured violated or murdered everyday. We hope to bring awareness to the problem our brothers and sisters face not only overseas but here in the United States as well.  For more information click here.  Remember it’s not just their rights but our rights too.

I want to thank Moka for taking time to visit with me and with the TSM audience. Moka is a great example of someone who understands the intersections of oppression and takes action to stop discrimination of all forms.

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