How Wrong Can the Right Be?

16 Aug

Minister of Hate

This will sadly be James Queale’s last contribution to TSM, as he is starting his own blog.  Jamie thank you for your contribution to TSM. We all look forward to reading your new blog.

After the fire storm over Bryan Fischer’s advocating for kidnapping children from gay parents, I would like to fully examine how the extreme right-wing affects the LGBT community and allies. In doing this, I want to show that claims against the LGBT community are false.
Extreme Right-Wing:
Bullying – They advocate that schools allow people of faith to discriminate against LGBT students if their religious text or beliefs “justify” the persecution. This causes various students to feel unsafe and unwanted causing lapses in attendance and increasing gay teen suicide.
Adoption – They advocate that children should not be allowed to be adopted by same-sex couples. Many claim that gay men are automatically pedophiles and children should not be allowed around them, even though statistics show that pedophiles are predominately heterosexual. Also, same-sex couples go through the very same screening that opposite sex couples go through when adopting.
Marriage – They advocate against allowing same-sex couples marrying, causing numerous couples to not have the same spousal benefits that straight married couples have. Same-sex couples in a bi-national relationship may be separated and left to find other options to be together because of the Defense of Marriage Act.
Employment – They advocate not allowing the government to ban businesses from firing or not hiring someone because they are from the LGBT community. This causes many to not find jobs which increases unemployment.
LGBT Advocates:
Bullying – We advocate that schools have protections for students regardless of religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. This builds a productive environment and allows students to learn tolerance and diversity.
Adoption – We advocate that loving same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children, which gives children a home and a sense of belonging. This limits the number of children that are bounced around the system and helps build stronger communities.
Marriage – We advocate that marriage is a right and that everyone of any sexuality should be able to enjoy it. This allows same-sex couples to have full spousal benefits, which removes a significant financial burden. This also allows bi-national couples to sponsor their foreign born partners instead of being separated. This has no affect on “traditional” marriage as straight people are not forced to marry someone of the same sex. Even when it comes to religious institutions, exemptions are made so that churches that do not acknowledge same sex couples do not have to marry them.
Employment – We advocate that businesses should not be allowed to fire an employee because of their sexual orientation. Sexuality has no affect on work ability and should not be a factor when hiring or firing. This helps keep unemployment down and helps the workplace be a more productive and diverse environment. New ideas and innovation come from diversity.
As you can see, what the LGBT community advocates and what the extreme right-wing advocates are very different. One community wants to put policies into place that strengthen society and one wants to harm society.

One Response to “How Wrong Can the Right Be?”

  1. nevercontrary August 16, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    I would like to say at my christian school my wife is getting on my insurance in january. Five cheers for the episcopal diocese. So keep it coming right wing. I am here just a waiting on you.

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