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Number 2 Bigot of the Year 2012: Republican Party Platform

30 Dec
Number 2 Bigot of 2012

Number 2 Bigot of 2012

There are those who claim that a party platform is just a bunch of words to rally the faithful and that what matters is each candidate. To them I say, words matter. Candidates who stand up under a party banner should note what they claim to stand for. This year, the Republican party approved a rancid Tea-soaked platform that slid even further backward into a viciously white, male, heterosexist hierarchy. With that being said, I still refuse to paint all Republicans with this tea stained brush.

It should come as little surprise that the platform was rabidly anti-gay. FRC President Tony Perkins was allowed to draft language that not only called for a national one-man-one-woman amendment but targeted all the progress made during the Obama administration for dismantling.

The War on Women showed up in the guise of a personhood amendment, the most egregious type of attack on reproductive choice. Trampling freedom of religion, the platform trumpeted the farthest right of so-called christian values, elevating the “rights” of a random assemblage of cells over even the life of the mother. How very pro-life THAT is–protect the fetus at all cost, but damn the mother and the child after birth.

The platform also attacked health care and called for dismantling the Affordable Care Act without proposing any alternative. It painted immigrants as greedy illegals, celebrating Arizona and Alabama-style immigration laws and demanding intrusive bureaucracies to force companies to investigate all potential employees. How’s that for smaller government?

The hypocritical, anti-everyone — unless they’re white, rich, christian, heterosexual men — document was a shocker even for the 21st Century GOP. Sadly, the candidates picked up the hateful flag and marched.

Dishonorable mention goes to four particularly loathsome GOP men. Mitt Romney leads the list, railing against the LGBT community, women, and the poor while pretending to tack to the center. His cruel detachment and willingness to do anything to win make him a perfect exemplar of this decaying party. His running mate, Paul Ryan, gets special notice for his Randian budget plans, a real “I’ve got mine so go to Hell” approach to governance.

Two angry men round out the list. Regular TSM bigot winner Allen West leaves office in a fit of petulance. Despite his clear loss, he prepared to waste thousands of dollars and ignore election law to try to change the results. Fortunately, he was so nuts that even in Florida he couldn’t make the case. Sen John McCain (R – Pleistocene) rounds out the list. His regular angry rants hit a new low when he targeted U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. He hypocritically attacked her integrity — after supporting Sarah (Gun) Palin and  Conoleezza Rice and her lying ways years earlier — in a blatant move to get John Kerry out of the Senate and give his mini-me Scott Brown another shot. What a sad, nasty creature our McCain (Gollum) is.


Hero of the Week Award: November 2, First Responders

2 Nov

Hero of the Week

Amidst the horrific devastation that Hurricane Sandy wrought in the Northeastern U.S., thousands of men and women are quiet heroes. “Just doing their jobs,” these first responders and supporting personnel help to make sense of the chaos. They work hard to minimize the impact of the storm on the lives of millions. Fire fighters, EMTs, police, and others band together, efficiently doing the work they have trained to do.

Natural disasters bring untold consequences. The wind damage and flooding that are obvious blend with fires, power outages, injuries, separated families, and a host of other problems. First responders rush into the bedlam, often risking their own health and safety, to make things better for everyone. They deserve our thanks and praise.

In light of the coming election, it is worth noting two things that should be evident but are often overlooked. Almost without exception, these are government jobs. They are paid for by our taxes and are a perfect example of why individual investment in systems that serve everyone are so important. Local governments alone cannot cope on this scale, so having well-funded, organized state and federal systems in place is also critical. Michael Brown, infamous failed FEMA director under George W. can whine all he wants about the “too speedy” response of the Obama administration. It was, in fact, a perfect example of how governments at all levels should work together to make the best of a bad situation.

It is also worth noting that most of these first responders have union organized workplaces. The fact that they are well trained, well equipped, provided with guidelines for work hours and safety, and paid something remotely close to the value of their work arises from that simple fact. The Scott Walkers of the world can complain all they want about the evils of public unions. All those served by these brave people should strenuously object, wondering what their fates might have been in an underfunded response model. Elections have consequences, and what Sandy could have done is a good illustration of where  some politicians want to take this country.

Thanks again to the heroes who serve quietly and powerfully. Your dedication, commitment, and service are shining examples of our nation at its finest.

Honorable mention this week goes to Bob Crowder, a long-time Florida Republican. Crowder, sick of the loony Tea-stained fringe that has taken over his party, mounted a primary challenge to Rep. Allen West, one of the worst of the bunch. (Now THAT takes some doing!) Crowder lost his bid to unseat West in the primaries. This week, he did something remarkable and powerful: he endorsed the Democrat, Patrick Murphy. Murphy would be a great Congressman, and taking down West would be icing on the cake. Crowder, who is the sheriff of Martin County, sums up his view nicely.

As a Republican for over 30 years, I’m embarrassed by the radical fringe that has taken over the party. Sadly, Allen West is their poster child, and the hateful, divisive comments he’s made throughout this campaign make it clear to me he’s the wrong choice for our district.

Thank you, Sheriff Crowder, for standing up for the best candidate and putting the needs of your fellow Floridians ahead of mere partisanship.

Bigot of the Week Award: July 13, U.S. House Republicans

13 Jul

Official Spokesman for the Bigot of the Week

Proving once again that they have no priorities other than opposing the President at every turn, the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives wasted taxpayer time and money holding a completely hollow vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Continuing their temper tantrum since the Supreme Court upheld the majority of the health care law, House leaders conducted their 33rd vote to repeal, defund, or dismantle the act. You read that right: 33 votes in 18 months. Let’s look at the facts.

Most significantly, the ACA was passed with bipartisan support. Any effort to impede it will stop at the House, since the Democrat-controlled Senate will stop it cold. Even if by some chance a bill made it through the Senate, what are the odds that the President wouldn’t veto any effort to block one of his signature achievements?

These votes are purely symbolic and very juvenile. The Republicans voted as a block, with every single one present supporting repeal. Oh, and this is the party of fiscal responsibility, right? So why would they spend an estimated $50 million or more holding these votes that they know won’t go anywhere? What price pettiness?

More significantly, the people that these men and women are supposed to represent are not interested in any more “anti-Obamacare” showboating. Two recent polls show that the Supreme Court decision has stabilized the health care debate on Main Street. A Washington Post-ABC poll shows support for the ACA up eight points to a 47-47 dead heat. More significantly a Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that 56% of Americans are done with the debate and want Congress to move on to other matters; only 38% want to pursue efforts to block or repeal the law.

What do the people want Congress to do? Create jobs and fix the economy. How many times has the House as a whole voted on either of these issues? None. The President has put forth proposals that sit as bills languishing in committee. Neither the Jobs Act nor the Layoff Prevention Act have seen even a debate scheduled. Why? Because temper tantrums are more important than people’s lives. So what if the most vulnerable Americans need affordable care, better jobs (or any jobs), and economic stability. They can’t pay for campaign ads, so screw ’em.

Just to add insult to injury, House leaders made a strategic pick for the spokesman for this vote. Trying to dodge the “let’s destroy the one thing that Black guy in the White House accomplished” label, they picked African-American Rep. Allen West (R – Self Loathing) to speak about the vote. He performed just as well as you might expect if you know anything about his history of nutty ranting.

I don’t think it’s symbolic. Now that we know that the truth is out there that this is a tax, we need to be able to let the American people know where we stand. […] The American people don’t want this Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. It’s heinous, it’s onerous. They want it gone so we as their representatives are going to continue to do what they sent us up here to do which is every way that we possibly can make sure that this bad policy, this bad law is irradiated [sic] from our rolls.

Taking that simple paragraph apart for all the errors, lies, and abuses of language is just too exhausting. Just remember that Speaker Boehner thought this guy was the best spokesman for their actions. Well, maybe he was right…crazy is as crazy does.

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