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A Dirt That Just Won’t Wash Clean: Log Cabin Republicans

24 Oct

I fear I have to lambaste the loathsome, lethal, lugubrious, loony Log Cabin Republicans.  Is it just greed, or a combination of stupidity, self-loathing, and greed that make up the character(less) folk in the Log Cabin Republicans?  Today, a foul stench wafted over the country from the LCR as they endorsed the Romenybot.  What will be next? Will African-Americans propose  David Duke as a write-in candidate?  Will Native Americans propose we have a national holiday celebrating Andrew Jackson as Planned Parenthood pursues an Akin/Schlafly ticket? What can explain this bat shit crazy behavior?

They say that the endorsement has something to do with improving the economy. Need we revisit that the Romney/Ryan economic plan is not worth the paper it was printed on? That his plan mirrors the eight horrific years that got us into the mess that our current president has actually started to reverse? Oh, and how about that pledge Romney signed to REVOKE all rights gained by the LGBTQ community and WASTE tax payer money defending DOMA? He may dance around it in public, but it’s still front and center on his website…

Please, I eagerly await some type of intelligent response from an LCR spokesgibbon.  I know this group is sharing a brain, but whoever has it currently, could you get back to my readers and me on this one?

P.S. Thanks to the always thought-provoking and bracingly honest Rep. Barney Frank (D – Sorry to see you retire!) for taking the time to demolish the lame mediocrities included in the LCR endoresment.

Celebrating LGBTQ History Month: June 21, President James Buchanan

21 Jun

I would like to thank my friend, historian Brad Fairchild for contributing a great deal of research for this article.  Apparently, History has set the record a bit too “straight.”  Yes, while I realize President Buchanan represents, perhaps, one of the worst presidents in American history, he also represents America’s first gay president.  His relationship with William Rufus King was common knowledge in the country’s capital.  Unfortunately, there are few primary resources regarding Buchanan, as he ordered his letters to be burnt upon his death.

We do know that Andrew Jackson and others referred to Buchanan and King as “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy.”  Vice-President King, under President Pierce, was referred to as “Miss Nancy,” while President Buchanan was referred to as “Aunt Fancy” and “Mrs. Buchanan” by James Polk.  In and around Washington, the two were also called  “Siamese twins,”  which was slang at the time for gays and lesbians.

Initially I was worried there would not be enough information, or a lack of sources regarding Buchanan’s sexual orientation.  Much of what I have gleaned here was from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 15, 1999 that my friend Brad shared with me.  However, Buchanan’s being gay seems to now be commonly accepted knowledge.  There are a handful of website and articles, and even Wikipedia talks about his romantic relationship with King. I used four different sources for this specific article.

While I try to only include LGBT people that are dedicated to issues of social justice and the common good, I had to celebrate President Buchanan for being the first gay president.  Click here to learn more about President Buchanan.

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