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Stand For Children Turns All Scott Walker on Youth and Teachers

19 Jul

Jonah Edelman: "I Love A Tea Party"

Thank you to my friend Allen for sharing this sad and disappointing news regarding the turn of events at Stand For Children.  I have always been a strong advocate for Stand For Children.  Now I fear the leadership, or lack thereof, by Co-Founder Jonah Edelman proves at odds with the mission of Stand For Children:

Our mission is to use the power of grassroots action to help all children get the excellent public education and strong support they need to thrive. Our members believe we need to stand up for our children now – particularly for their education from pre-school through high school – to create a better future for America.

Exactly how does one advocate for teachers and children when one takes away collective bargaining rights?  How can one be advocating for children while putting so much power with corporations and school boards that take away the voices of teachers?  Edelman seems to have observed Scott Walker and was inspired rather than disgusted.

Sorry Edelman, but you can’t run an organization based on advocacy of civil rights for youth, and deny civil rights for teachers. Dismantling unions and putting all power with the school board runs contrary to the civil rights movement. How very sad that what was a great agency is now in bed with the Tea Party. While Edelman has apologized for his arrogance, he has not altered his views! Click here to see the entire video.  I know it is long, but it is worth seeing and shares some rather disgusting and unfortunate information.


Bigot of the Week Award: March 25

25 Mar

Bigot of the Week

The Tea Party Brew grows more bitter with each passing day. Unfortunately, Scott Walker and Rick Scott have shared some tea/Kool-aid with Maine Tea Party Gov. Paul LePage (R).  LePage’s latest move to order the removal of of a 36-foot mural depicting Maine’s labor history from the lobby of the state’s Department of Labor offices, claiming they received “some complaints” from business owners, earns him this week’s BWA.

But wait! It gets worse. LePage goes even further to prove that this is now Corporate America and workers are immaterial–slaves really, if you will.  Yes, LePage also ordered eight conference rooms named after labor leaders — including Cesar Chavez— to be renamed. Perhaps we can call one of the conference rooms Koch Industries or Haliburton.  LePage is the same governor that supports rolling back child labor laws.  Bravo!  We don’t need to educate our youth.  Better they learn a trade. I hear 10 year olds make perfect coal miners. Here is a great quote from the Portland Press Herald:

This is political payback, the opposite of putting people first. It’s a spiteful, mean-spirited move by the governor that does nothing to create jobs or improve the Maine economy.

Is anyone paying attention out there?  Wake up America. The Tea Party is not about creating jobs or helping Americans; it continues to prove it is the party of Rich White bigoted Christians!  Time for a recall!  Here are two sources to read for further information. Click here and click here.

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