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John Boehner and the Implosion of the Republican Party

29 Apr

cruz-devilIf you have followed this blog at all, you already know I have worked hard to expose how awful former Speaker of the House, John Boehner is, which makes it just that more delicious when even Boehner compares Ted Cruz to Satan. To be fair, I suspect Satan looks at Cruz and says: “Gosh, you are kinda mean.”  Boehner’s exact words in describing Cruz were: ““Lucifer in the flesh… I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

My own bias is that yes, Cruz is an awful human being. He is explicitly anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-immigration, in fact, I’m not certain there are actually any people he likes, save for white Christian men–OY! Of course, given the wide berth his colleagues give him, the feeling seems to be mutual. I wonder if we need to ban Cruz from using public bathrooms.

This most recent trouble with Cruz is indicative of something greater at work–the implosion of the Republican party. The wave of Tea Party (right wing extremists) have pulled the GOP into a direction that makes a train wreck look like a lovely afternoon outing. I submit all of the GOP presidential debates as evidence. Cruz’ bizarre attempt at courting Indiana primary voters by trotting out Carly Fiorina as his running mate seems desperate but also exceedingly ignorant, as it holds no weight. If this becomes a contested convention, then the delegates pick the VP candidate. The implosion of this party manifests itself by working to hurt most United States citizens.  The rise of this hateful state has also emboldened the Chief Obstructionist and Racist, Mitch McConnell.

While it becomes more apparent everyday that Cruz needs to be sent to Guantanamo Bay, sadly, that would make him the only person currently that should be there. Let us not forget how equally awful John Kasich is, despite that “Golly Gosh” grin of his.

GOP leaders seem shocked that decades of discrimination and obstruction have left them with these yahoos as their candidates. Many congresscritters running in tight races have even said they won’t show up at the convention. Sorry, folks, but you built this — walking away won’t change a single fact, for you all have created a dirt that just won’t wash clean.


Women’s History Month 2012: Susan Faludi

21 Mar

Today we honor and celebrate a strong feminist voice of the 21st century and the author of Backlash.  I remember reading Backlash in the early 1990’s and thought Faludi really captured the wave of misogyny erupting from the Bush Sr. administration. As I look back, her book now seems prophetic in some very scary and dangerous ways. Faludi does a remarkable job of addressing how our culture still finds the need to punish women for wanting parity in the workplace, or governance over their own bodies.  We have only to look at the recent attack on Planned Parenthood and the vicious and specious attacks on Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama to see the full accuracy of Faludi’s words.

Faludi was born to a Jewish family in Queens, New York in 1959 and grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York. Her mother was a homemaker and journalist and is a long-time New York University student. Her father is a photographer who had emigrated from Hungary, a survivor of the Holocaust. She graduated from Harvard University in 1981, where she wrote for The Harvard Crimson, and became a journalist, writing for The New York Times, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution, San Jose Mercury News, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. Throughout the eighties she wrote several articles on feminism and the apparent resistance to the movement. Seeing a pattern emerge, Faludi wrote Backlash, which was released in late 1991. She has written a number of other books about feminism and civil rights; she won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in 1991 for a report on the leveraged buyout of Safeway Stores, Inc. that the Pulitzer Prize committee thought showed the “human costs of high finance.”

Demonstrating an understanding of the divergences in any movement, Faludi has also spoken candidly against the claim advanced by critics that there is a “rigid, monolithic feminist orthodoxy”, noting in response that she has disagreed with Gloria Steinem about pornography and Naomi Wolf about abortion. he has also characterized “academic feminism’s love affair with deconstructionism” as “toothless”, and warned that it “distract[s] from constructive engagement with the problems of the public world”.

Republicans Snowed Out…

29 Feb

This Party is Crazy--I Have to Get Out!

Not that I have ever been a particular fan of Olympia Snowe  (of course she looks reasonable compared to the rest of her party), but I do admire her honesty and integrity for naming the problem within her party that is causing her not to seek re-election.  Senator Snowe cited “excessive partisanship in the Senate” as the primary driver of her decision.  I guess she has not been paying attention to the misogynistic foolishness in the House of Reps.  It is no small secret that the latest attacks on women’s health by Republicans  has incurred the wrath of both Snowe and Collins (both female Republicans from Maine).

How sad that the lunacy of the right wing Republicans can chase out moderate voices of reason like Snowe–what kind of Carnival has the GOP turned into?  This does not bode well for history.  At present, 21st century Republicans wear the banner of: “We Hate Women; We Hate Gays; We Hate People of Color; We Hate the Poor; We Love Being the 1%.”  One need go no further than to listen to Multi-Millionaire Mitt Romney and the homophobic, woman-hating clown Rick (the P is silent) Santorum to see just how out of touch these people are with Americans.

Snowe dropping out is a much bigger deal than people realize–this may very well be the harbinger of good fortune reasonable Republicans and Democrats have been waiting for.  While Maine did elect the Mad Hatter LePage as their governor, it is doubtful they will elect another toxic Tea Bag, which may create a far more attractive Senate with a new Maine Democrat and a new Massachusetts Democrat.  Perhaps there is some hope for the 99%.

Policing Sperm as We Police Women’s Eggs

12 Feb

At Least One Smart Voice in Oklahoma

Oh, how I love Constance Johnson the state Senator from Oklahoma.  Sadly, she may be one of the only intelligent voices left in Oklahoma.  Sen. Johnson is proposing a “Spilled Semen” amendment to Oklahoma’s absurd and misogynistic “Personhood Bill.”  Johnson raises the important issue of palpable hypocrisy:

As a woman and a 31-year veteran of the legislative process in Oklahoma, I am increasingly offended by state law trends that solely focus on the female’s role in the reproductive process. With Oklahoma’s new, never-before-experienced Republican majority, we are seeing enactment of more and more measures that adversely affect women and their rights to access safe medical procedures when making reproductive healthcare decisions…

My amendment seeks to draw attention to the absurdity, duplicity and lack of balance inherent in the policies of this state in regard to women. Oklahoma already incarcerates more women than any other place in the world. Under the latest provisions, a woman in Oklahoma may now face additional criminal charges and potential incarceration for biological functions that produce or, in some cases, destroy eggs or embryos, such as a miscarriage. In vitro fertilization, involving the fertilization outside the womb for implantation into the womb, would also potentially represent a violation of the proposed Personhood statute.

Sen. Johnson does a marvelous job of pointing to the disgraceful way American culture punishes and polices women in ways we do not police men.

For that matter, any masturbatory emissions, where the sperm is clearly not seeking an egg, could be termed reckless abandonment. (Legally Blonde)

Yes, I actually just used a quote from Legally Blonde, but it makes perfect sense.  We, as a country, need to take a strong stand here and STOP misogynistic laws like the “Personhood Bill,” and STOP the hate coming from organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

The Puppet Master Behind the Susan G.Komen Foundation

4 Feb

I love a Tea Party but hate women and gays!

Corrupt Komen Caves, Kind of!  Yes, yesterday the Susan G. Komen Foundation offered a less than milquetoast apology for their bad behavior.  The apology came not because it was the right thing to do, or because of some great care and compassion for women of color, women without means, and all women who suffer from the intersections of oppression, rather the apology came because of political pressure.  I don’t want to dismiss the power of this pressure, but I would like us to examine closely the Power behind the Komen Foundation, for I personally would like to see this organization crash and burn and be replaced with a more inclusive organization that truly reaches out to all women to help prevent breast cancer.

Just to be clear, the Komen Foundation is still refusing to commit to future grants to Planned Parenthood.  So who has the power and what does this power look like at the Komen Foundation? Sadly, Komen’s Senior VP is  Karen Handel.  You may remember Handel.  She ran for Governor of Georgia two years ago and was endorsed by the Tea Party, including Sarah Palin.  Yes, our Handel is exceedingly anti-woman and is a homophobic bigot, as witnessed by her own words!

I will conclude by saying that if you truly believe in women’s rights and you believe women should have access to health care regardless of color or access to resources and if you really believe in social justice, you will boycott the Susan G. Komen Foundation and put your money into Planned Parenthood.

I need to say a special thanks to my friend Jay and to the Voice of the Trailer (VOT) for helping me with this article and allowing me to express my rage in a socially productive way.

Bigot of the Week Award: November 4, Mitt Romney

4 Nov

Bigot of the Week

Just when I thought I could not dislike Mitt Romney anymore than I already did, he makes a pathetic misogynistic move to earn my utter contempt.  This week, Romney told Faux News that he would support a  “personhood” constitutional amendment, thus earning him this week’s BWA.

For those TSM readers that are not already aware of how dangerous and misogynistic the proposed “personhood” idea is, allow me to explain.  The anti-woman, anti-choice folks are trying to give a fertilized human egg the status of a legal person, calling the egg “personhood”.  “Personhood” would also effectively ban IUDs, the morning-after pill, in-vitro fertilization, and all abortions; there are no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or in cases where the life of a woman is at stake.  Basically, “personhood” would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Let us not forget the connection between misogyny and homophobia.  Romney is on record stating he is against marriage equality, civil unions, domestic partnerships, the repeal of DADT, and wants to use tax dollars to defend DOMA.  These are not the qualities for the leader of the “free” world.

History Bachmann Style: A 4th of July Tale

4 Jul

It is nice to see so many rich white faces here today

Here is the story of the 4th of July back in 1776.  At this point in time we were at war with the British armies under King Henry VIII.  The Native Americans invited us all over to share their land and run a collaborative government. Our Founding Fathers “wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States.”

Of course the Founding Fathers also spent a great deal of time talking about how women were far too stupid to make decisions over their own bodies and so we want to prevent:

someone’s 13-year-old daughter could walk into a sex clinic, have a pregnancy test done, be taken away to the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, have their abortion, be back and go home on the school bus? That night, mom and dad are never the wiser.

Lest we forget that at that famous meeting between Paul Revere, George Washington, and Jesse Jackson, it was decided that,

Not all cultures are equal…It is horrific to know that in the African American community, 50 percent of all African American pregnancies in the United States end in abortion, 50 percent. That is a genocide of African Americans of the United States. It should not be. There are Americans all across this country who would love to adopt African American babies, but they can’t because 50 percent of all African American pregnancies today are ending in abortion.

The  Continental Congress spent most of its time talking about “The Homosexual” problem:

And what a bizarre time we’re in, when a judge will say to little children that you can’t say the pledge of allegiance, but you must learn that homosexuality is normal and you should try it…Normalization (of gayness) through desensitization. Very effective way to do this with a bunch of second graders, is take a picture of ‘The Lion King’ for instance, and a teacher might say, ‘Do you know that the music for this movie was written by a gay man?’ The message is: I’m better at what I do, because I’m gay.

Finally when many of these big decisions were made by Continental Congress, the baby Jesus let down his hair from the Capitol and proclaimed that the United States was his favorite country and we were now all free and would be treated equally.  Happy 4th of July. Click here and click here for my sources.

Indiana’s Misogyny Foiled: Bully Mitch Daniels to Appeal

25 Jun

Only I will control a woman's body!

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels made history last month, or rather left a significant mar in the annals of history, exposing himself as the true misogynist he is.  When Daniels moved to defund Planned Parenthood on May 10, 2011 he made sure that Planned Parenthood of Indiana lost all Medicaid funding and that Indiana was the first state to deny the organization Medicaid funds for services such as breast exams and Pap tests.  If this is not outright hostility to women, I don’t know what is.

The good news is that yesterday U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt ruled that Indiana is not allowed to cut off Planned Parenthood’s public funding for general health services solely because the organization also provides abortions. Her ruling also:

sided with federal officials who said states cannot restrict Medicaid recipients’ freedom to choose their health care provider or disqualify Medicaid providers merely because they also offer abortions.

Kudos to Judge Walton Pratt for abiding by the law and proving objective leadership.  Perhaps there is hope for women in Indiana.  Click here to read the full NYT article.

Rick Santorum: Raging Hypocritical Misogynist

17 Jun

Hate Women, Hate Gays

Yes, Rick (the P is silent) Santorum proves again he is a bigoted, homophobic, hypocritical, misogynistic ball of crazy.  Santorum continues to rail against reproductive rights for women and categorically dismisses any circumstance for abortion, calling any exception, “phony excuses.”  Unfortunately, the war against reproductive rights for women is in full battle, with many states having already passed legislation making it illegal to have an abortion at 20 weeks. How hypocritical for Santorum to make an exception for his wife, but disregards all other women in the United States:

Karen [Santorum] was going to die if her pregnancy was not ended, if the fetus was not removed from her body. So, at 20 weeks, one month before what doctors consider ‘viability’, labor was artificially induced and the infected fetus was delivered. It died shortly thereafter.

I have to wonder what happened to this man to cause him to hate women and gays so much.  I also wonder how he would feel if the government wanted control of his body and his reproductive organ.  I’m very glad that Karen was able to have this abortion, but is it not only fair to ensure that all women have safe legal access to abortion? Click here to see the full article and video.

Let Bigotry Reign Supreme: New Republican Motto

14 Jun

Ship of Fools

Thank you to my friend Jim for sharing the youtube video of the Republican debate last night. I’m afraid I was not able to stomach watching the entire thing last night.  Talk abut a group of people that can really make me feel ashamed of being an American.  What rock did these people crawl out from under?  I feel horrible for all the foster children Bachmann had influence over.  As a gay man, I found it disgusting and horribly bigoted that not one of the Republican candidates is for marriage equality or will support the repeal of DADT.  They are supposed to protect the citizens of the country, not discriminate against us!   If you are a gay Republican, shame on you!  Click here to see the video.

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